The Propeller Club of Los Angeles-Long Beach, was chartered July 28, 1939 and
       has been the leading maritime organization in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area.
       This chapter is part of the Pacific Coast Region of the Propeller Club of the        United States

       Together with the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach, this region includes the Port
       of San Diego, Port of San Francisco, Port of Port the Columbia River, Port of
       Tacoma, Port of Seattle and the Port of Honolulu.

       The Club is governed by a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President,               Secretary-Treasurer and Board of Governors. Committee chairs and members
       are responsible for planning the various activities of the club. The committees               include: Programs/Special Events, Seafood Feast, Education, Golf, Membership,               Legislative, Public Relations and Reception.

       The Club has a permanent Executive Secretary who handles the day-to-day                      administration of the Club.


       Scholarship Program:
       The International Longshore & Warehouse Union//Propeller Club (ILWU/PC)
       Memorial Scholarship Fund provides scholarships annually to high school
       students in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area.  Between $8,000 and $10,000 is               raised annually and since 1987, we have raised over $120,000.  The Club
       regularly supports the California Maritime Academy.  In the early 1970's,Club
       donated in excess of $30,000 to create a Revolving Student Loan fund.

       Download/View Scholarship Application (pdf)

       Martimer of the Year Award:
       An award presented annually to a Propeller Club member who has made                      significant contributions over the years to the goals and objectives of the
       Propeller Club. 
       Past recipients include: Elmar Baxter, Brian Harrison, Richard Jacobsen, Monika               Wegener, Adam Birkenbach and Angie Birkenbach, Jerry Aspland, Rev. James 
W. Brougher, Donald Hiniker, Deborah Harding, Barry Baldwin, Chris Minus and Don        Wylie.
       Click here for a "Maritimer of the Year Award" application

       Rear Admiral Higbee Safety Award:
Presented to an individual, corporation, agency or other distinct organizational
       entity that has significantly improved maritime safety while facilitating maritime               commerce.
       Click here for a "Rear Admiral Higbee Safety Award" application


       Monthly Membership Meetings:
       Activities include monthly membership meetings with feature speakers involved
       in maritime transportation and international trade.

       ILWU/Propeller Club Seafood Feast:
       In an effort to work together to solve common problems for the betterment
       of the maritime industry, the International Longshore & Warehouse Union and
       the Propeller Club annually sponsor a Seafood Feast. Attendance runs close to
       2,000 members of the maritime community. Proceeds from this event go to the
       ILWU / PC memorial Scholarship Fund. This event is usually held on the second               Wednesday in June.

       Legislative Activities:
The Propeller Club of Los Angeles-Long Beach keeps its members up to date on               current state and federal legislation and regulatory issues which affect commerce
       or transportation. The Club encourages its members to support or to oppose
       these issues, which affect their businesses.  The Club participates in a joint
       Southern California trade associations' annual trip to Sacramento to meet with               legislators and regulatory agencies.

Officers and Governors

Constitution and ByLaws


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